Crime Prevention & Protection Through Neighbourhood Watch

Aims and Objectives of OH Watch

To assist the local police to safeguard the community against criminal activities and strive for a safe and secure environment.
To provide a channel through which local communities can play a meaningful role in crime prevention in a manner that is ethical and non-violent.
To create public awareness with regard to safety, crime prevention and protection of families and their property.

Please feel free to download our Code of Conduct which includes patrol procedures.

We achieve our objectives through the following six mechanisms:

Community neighbourhood patrols, walks and cycles.

Continual development of our existing 2-way radio network – this ensures direct communication between the community, SAPS and armed response companies etc.

A system of logging suspicious activity (cars & people)

Collecting information on criminal activity that enables analysis. As a result we can ensure targeted action and tracking of incidents by SAPS.

A License Plate Recognition (LPR) camera system that alerts patrollers to suspicious vehicle entering the area.

Our WhatsApp groups play a key role in preventing crime and often assist in arrests. Patrollers without radios are on their own group to communicate or organise themselves. This is our most effective and instant way of communication to reach all our members in the event of an emergency and the most effective if we all need to keep an eye on a suspect. 

Social Responsibility

At OH Watch we believe that we can give back to our own community and those around and amongst us where our actions can make a difference to the lives of those that need it most. This is done via various projects, like the OH Watch Angel’s Project where we support homeless shelters. We donate used and new items that can be utilised to make the lives of the residents of the shelters a little better. We also participate in programmes that support the work done by the City of Cape Town to find a permanent solution for the homeless by restoring their dignity and giving them the option of a better life off the street.

As a Neighbourhood Watch we would like to keep a strong relationship going with the Safe Space shelter as well as all other shelters, soup kitchens and other charities that support the plight of the people living on the streets and in the parks of Cape Town. In order to do all this we rely heavily on volunteers and gifted items from everyone in the OH Watch area. If you would like to volunteer or contribute in any way whatsoever, please contact

Join The Community

As residents, we have a duty to keep our area safe, so that we can enjoy the tree-lined streets and parks more fully. So if you are a home owner, tenant, dog walker, retiree or worker; we would genuinely welcome your involvement. Don’t leave your safety and that of your family up to someone else.