Give a Hand Up - Not a Hand Out

Rather Help Those Who Help The Homeless

Your small change can be more effectively used by supporting an NGO that helps the homeless with warm beds, hot meals, family reunifications, obtaining IDs, trauma therapy and other life skills to help them become self-supporting members of society. 

It takes more than money to turn lives around.


Hope starts with dignity and The Hope Exchange gives them the ability to be respected for who they are, to be acknowledged and not dismissed. We provide the homeless, our clients, the opportunity to wash, clean their clothes, get a meal, get clinic care and social support. 

14A Roeland Street, Cape Town
021 461 5508

There comes a stage in the downward path of certain human beings at which point, they literally can no longer help themselves. At that point someone has to step in and give them a lift; that is what THE HAVEN tries to do.

20 Selkirk Street, Woodstock
021 465 1310

Shelter for Senior Citizens

15 Essex street, Woodstock
021 447 7422

There comes a stage in the downward path of certain human beings at which point, they literally can no longer help themselves. At that point someone has to step in and give them a lift; that is what THE HAVEN tries to do.

2 Napier Street, Green Point
021 421 6219

Moira Henderson House offers rehabilitation opportunities, social welfare services, family re-unification services, physical care and support to adult persons living on the streets who are committed to getting back home. Second Phase

107 Chapel Street, Woodstock.
021 461 2533

The organisation runs projects for street children in Cape Town South Africa including a children’s Home for 75 boys in Khayelitsha, a Transition centre for youth leaving care, drop-in centres and outreach programmes for street children and early intervention programmes in Valhalla Park, Manenberg, Site C khayelitsha for children at risk of becoming street children.

150 Strand Street, Cape Town
021 419 9763

Ons Plek, meaning Our place, is the only residential Child and Youth Care Centre in Cape Town that specialises in developmental and therapeutic intake services for girls who have lived, worked or begged on the streets of Cape Town.

7 Malleson Road, Mowbray, Cape Town
021 685 4049 / 52

Salesian Institute Youth Projects works in youth education and skills development, changing the lives of vulnerable children and youth-at-risk in and around Cape Town, South Africa. We offer support, life skills, and vocational training.

2 Somerset Road, Cape Town
021 419 1312

Percy Bartley House focuses on building capacity and family reintegration in the lives of marginalised and afflicted boys for their positive contribution in families and communities.

44 Pine Road, Woodstock
021 447 5722

Cape Town Multi Service Centre make services accessible to vulnerable children and families in order that they may participate in their own development and become self-reliant.

9 Pickwich Street, Salt River
021 448 3428

YMCA Cape Town is a non-profit organization that provides a range of social development programmes for youths.

15 Burham Road, Observatory
021 447 6217

 Beth Uriel, “House of Light”, aims to provide young men from impoverished communities the chance to pursue meaningful, independent lives through a supportive living environment, connections to educational opportunities and training in life skills

289 Victoria Road, Salt River
021 448 2775


The safe space is a transitional space for up to 230 street people which includes a safe space to sleep: access to ablution facilities; lockers; social and health services; developmental and Expanded Public Works Opportunities, with the aim of transitioning off the street long term.

Old Marine Drive, Culemborg
021 8010140 / 0082

Beth Rogelim in Cape Town provides accommodation for eighty eight (88) elderly men. The Centre provides assisted living where residents look after themselves but have assistance with meals, cleaning washing and other activities of daily living. 

22 Alfred Street, Roggebaai
021 425 2138

EFT Donations:
Salvation Army
ACC: 51450006289
FNB  Portside 210651

Over its 6-year history, The Pride Shelter has aided and accommodated over 700 LGBTI+ individuals facing a crisis/trauma period in their lives. Rooted in a human-rights-based approach, our grass-roots organisation strives to promote dignity, self-respect and a sense of personal empowerment within all individuals across the LGBTI+ spectrum. 

1 Molteno Road, Oranjezicht
021 423 2871

Shelter, care, and empowerment for abused, destitute and pregnant mothers and their young children.

48 Balfour Street, Woodstock
021 448 6792

A Christian second-phase shelter and renewal centre in Observatory, Cape Town, South Africa, for destitute men and women between the ages of 25 and 63. Our aim is to be a place of spiritual, psychological and material renewal for destitute men and women from all walks of life.

1 Chatham Street, Observatory
021 448 5900

Youth Solutions Africa endeavors to bring sustainable development through skills training, education, temporary shelter and  reintegration into mainstream society.

Cnr Russel and Chapel Street, Zonnebloem
021 462 8006

Soup Kitchens

To reach further, be more sustainable, and help
communities support themselves, they now work to assist a number of non-profit
organisations, community projects, and schools across the peninsula. The foundation is about more than providing meals. It’s about dignity, respect, and creating the kind of world we all want to live in.

The Haven in Napier Street feeds hundreds of homeless people every day.

Our mission is to ensure that the most vulnerable people in the community are fed and cared for. Every weekday, we source and prepare nourishing meals, catering for approximately 300 people who come to our door.

Woodstock Brewery has repurposed it’s brewing equipment to make nutritious soup for those in need. With our large, efficient and safe brewing pots, we are able to make donations intended to feed those in need go a very, very long way. 

OH Watch’s own outreach to poverty stricken areas in and around Athlone as well as our own neighbours where there is need. Food support & distribution of donations.

Other Organisations

STRAATWERK is a registered non-profit organisation with a strong evangelistic focus.

The Ubuntu Circle of Courage runs positive, alternative programmes for underprivileged communities that prevent at-risk individuals from living on the streets.

 Shine Literacy supports South Africa’s children to become skilled and enthusiastic readers in the foundation phase.

If your NGO is in the CBD of Cape Town or immediate surrounds and you are not on our list, please contact us on