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Updated WhatsApp Rules & Regulations

As our WhatsApp Block groups have expanded we have had to update our Rules and Regulations which are sent to every member before they are added to their Block Group.

Thank you for your interest in joining your OH Watch WhatsApp Block group. The aim of these groups is:

  • Get to know your neighbours and to look out for one another
  • Share all things relevant to the safety of the community
  • Share suspicious or unusual occurences with the community
  • Share relevant crime information with the community

These groups are an extension of OH Watch’s communication channels and as such, are also governed by our neighbourhood watch constitution and the mandate under which we work in conjunction with the relevant law enforcement departments. They are only open to signed up OH Watch members that agree to adhere to these Rules and Regulations. Crime related information is sensitive as it can impact on the apprehension on the criminal/s and their prosecution.

Please read through the list below so that you have an idea of what can and cannot be said, shared and broadcast on these groups. Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in your removal from these groups depending on the infringement. This decision will be taken by the OH Watch Admin or Executive Committee and will be final.

  • Content shared on these groups is for OH Watch members ONLY. Content from these groups may NOT be shared with any third party unless otherwise specified. Only Block group Admins may forward the information on to other Block groups.
  • These groups are NOT chat groups. They are in place to report suspicious behaviour / concerns/ crime related information and information relevant to our area.
  • We reserve the right to promote and share other activities and events in our area that have positive impact on crime and grime. This includes community building events, as a strong community is the best deterrent for crime.
  • Please message admins privately if you are asked to do so for feedback or if you have any concerns or suggestions.
  • We consider ourselves a community organisation and our aim is to uplift our area and support each other. Only constructive criticism is allowed. A respectful question to clarify a situation or a friendly, constructive suggestion go a long way. A debate on various viewpoints should be taken up off line.
  • Over many years we have built and strengthened our relationships to SAPS and other security service providers. We are extremely happy to have some members of SAPS on our groups. If you would like to take up matters with SAPS, please do so through our office or directly with SAPS.
  • NO jokes, religious comment, hate speech, racism, politics, vulgar language or off topic posts are allowed on these groups.
  • Absolutely no advertising will be permitted on these groups. This includes, but is not limited to: products, services, security, other Neighbourhood Watches and NPOs unless otherwise approved by Admins.
  • Admins reserve the right to remove members who won’t adhere to Admins’ instructions
  • These WhatsApp groups DO NOT replace SAPS or your armed response company as it is not an emergency channel. We would like to advise that SAPS or your armed response company be your FIRST point of call should a serious incident occur. These WhatsApp groups do not replace our radio network which is a far more effective and successful form of communication.

We look forward to keeping in touch with you!

Kind regards,

The OH Watch Exco & Admin team

Please download the OH Watch WhatsApp Rules & Regulations below:



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