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Vumatel and OH Watch

Over the last couple of years OH Watch had a multitude of inquiries and requests from residents and businesses to drive the installation of fibre based internet in our area. During 2015 a team of residents explored the possible options and were in touch with several providers and experts in the field.

OH Watch has decided to support the Vumatel roll out of fibre in our area due to several reasons:

  • Vumatel’s size and track record to date
  • inclusion of the community during preparation and installation of fibre by working with us and keeping us updated and informed throughout the process
  • Vumatel giving back to the community by installing fibre to all schools in our area and the NHW electronic crime prevention systems at their own cost
  • Vumatel supports open access to ISPs, which allows for service and price competition
  • Vumatel has been most proactive and supportive
  • We are looking forward to the many benefits that fibre connectivity will bring to the residents in our community. Fast and reliable Internet access will greatly improve our lives by way of faster communications, catering for the future demands of data and also improving productivity for businesses and those working from home in our suburbs.

For OH Watch, the fibre network will significantly upgrade and enhance our LPR (Licence Plate Recognition) camera project. All existing and future cameras will be connected to the fibre network. Faster and more reliable data feeds will improve the quality and accuracy of the video information.


The installation of fibre into our suburb will involve trenching on both sides of the road, laying of fibre cables and attaching a small, fibre box to the boundary wall of every free standing home. For apartments/complexes, Vumatel will contact you for permission to install fibre into your building and then connect each apartment.

The installation into the suburb can be disruptive in the short term, however Vumatel representatives will be available throughout the project to deal with concerns and ensure there is sufficient communication throughout the process. We believe short term pain will be hugely rewarded with long term gain! Vumatel will have the relevant wayleave approval from the City of Cape Town to trench in the sidewalk, across driveways and will undertake reinstatement of pavements to the original conditions.

Vumatel will rollout the network and connect every home and building covered in the OH Watch area (see map) at NO COST to you. Your home will simply get connected to the network for when you decide to take up a service at a future point in time. Think of this as another utility that will add value to your home!

If and when you decide to take up the service, you can order an in-home installation and the fibre will be installed from your boundary wall into your home at a once-off cost of R1 710.
Once your home has fibre installed you are not limited to any particular internet service provider - you may choose from a range of service providers. See monthly pricing from service providers at www.vumatel.net.


We want to get started as soon as possible, and need 25% of the community to show their support for the project. We need you and your neighbours to go and show your support online.

You can pledge your support by visiting www.vumatel.co.za and selecting “SHOW MY INTEREST”. Complete the non-binding show of support. This is “moral commitment”, and not a formal sign-up. You will also be added to the mailing list to receive regular project updates.


You can find out more about the project by through the following channels:
Facebook – Join the OH Watch” Facebook group
Twitter - @VUMA_CityBowl
Email – citybowl@vumatel.co.za
Website – www.vumatel.co.za
Service provider packages and pricing – www.vumatel.net

Please forward this email to all your family and friends in the neighbourhood.

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