Please report every incident to OH WATCH. Even if a crime was not committed, and you have information about suspicious persons or activity, please let us know. This will allow us to create a comprehensive database of crime in Oranjezicht / Higgovale which is paramount to deploying resources effectively.

CRIME REPORT 18 - 24 NOV 2013

Hi Folks

Here are the crime stats from last week.

18/11 Culver St - Housebreaking 08:00–13:30 (Bathroom window opened Jewellery, safe, laptop taken)
19/11 Marmion St - Theft out of motor vehicle 19:30–07:30 (Door forced open. GPS, charger, CD’s cellphone charger taken)
20/11 Mill St - Robbery 06:00 (Red Midge drove in front of complainant and African male got out of passenger side with a knife grabbed her bag and asked where her phone was< she said she didn’t have a phone, suspect got back in the car and left)
21/11 Chelmsford Rd - Housebreaking 09:00–16:00 (Door forced open. Laptop, sunglasses, mouse and touch pad, playstation and tv taken)
21/11 Breda St - Theft out of motor vehicle 23:00–11:00 (Door unlocked. Sunglasses, clothing taken)
21/11 Mill St - Theft out of motor vehicle 12:30–13:15 (Window broken. Cellphone taken)
23/11 Montrose Ave - Theft out of motor vehicle 10:00–14:00 (Window broken. GPS, clothing taken)
23/11 Montrose Ave - Theft out of motor vehicle 23:15–08:15 (Door forced open. Cash, sunglasses taken)

Total: 8 incidents
Theft out of vehicle x 5
Housebreaking x 2
Robbery x 1

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