Please report every incident to OH WATCH. Even if a crime was not committed, and you have information about suspicious persons or activity, please let us know. This will allow us to create a comprehensive database of crime in Oranjezicht / Higgovale which is paramount to deploying resources effectively.

CRIME REPORT 9 - 15 SEP 2013

Hi Folks

Here are the crime stats from last week.

10/09 Mill St (Garden Centre) - Theft out of motor vehicle 14:00 - 14:15 (Window broken. Bag with clothing, binoculars, and stationery taken)
11/09 Breda St - Housebreaking 08:30-15:00 (Window forced open. Ipad, ipod, camera, digital camera taken)
11/09 Clovelly Rd - Housebreaking 10:00 (Caravan door forced open. Clothing and storage box taken)
11/09 Schoonder St - Theft out of motor vehicle 20:00-11:15 (Window broken. Car radio taken)
11/09 Upper Orange St - Theft out of motor vehicle 16:00-05:30 (Window broken. GPS)
12/09 Ludlow St - Robbery 19:30 (Complainant threatened with knife was stabbed by suspect, complainant managed to spray suspect with pepper spray, suspect fled in white v w golf CA601310. nothing taken)
12/09 Myrtle St - Theft out of motor vehicle 12:15 (Canopy door opened. Tools taken)
12/09 Deerpark Dr - Theft out of motor vehicle 14:50 - 15:30 (Window broken. Laptop, ID, drivers licence, bank cards)
13/09 Location? - Housebreaking 15:45-19:55 (Lock broken. Paint taken)
13/09 Breda St - Theft of motor vehicle 23:00-09:00 (Red motomia CA 947 921)
13/09 Myrtle St - Theft out of motor vehicle 12:05-14:55 (Window broken. Luggage and documents taken)
14/09 Upper Orange St - Theft out of motor vehicle 21:00-08:00 (Window broken. CD player and clothing taken)
15/09 Upper Orange St (De Waal Park) - Theft out of motor vehicle 11:10 (Window broken. Slingbag containing dog collars taken)

Total: 13 incidents
Theft out of vehicle x 8
Theft of vehicle x 1
Housebreaking x 3
Robbery x 1

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